What is Depron®?

Depron is a highly efficient extruded polystyrene insulation material suitable for use below wood, laminate or even carpets.

It is available in 3mm or 6mm sheets.

Depron is a millimetre thin insulation sheet manufactured of fully recycled material, free from freon and halogen. The sheet is produced of foamed polystyrene, a material that does not age. The cell structure in the sheet is built up of fine, closed cells that give it its excellent physical and mechanical characteristics.

An insulation capacity that saves energy
The special cell structure means that the sheet does not conduct heat. Laying Depron on the floor means that heat will instead, be effectively reflected back towards the floor surface. As "waste heat" is taken care of, you utilise energy in an effective manner and thereby lower your energy consumption.

Technical Data

Art. no. Depron Sheet 3mm 6mm
Width, length 0.8 x 1.25 m
Thickness 3mm or 6mm
Coverage area per pack 20m² 40m² & 60m²
Material type Foamed polystyrene
Water repellent 100%
Density 40 kg/m²
Thermal conductivity 0,035 W/mK
Temperature range -60-+70°
Ignition temperature 355°
Step sound damping D lw + 16dB (DIN 552210)
Adhesive Water based adhesive without solvent






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